New Book: "Little While Times"

Introduction (From Little While Times) It is comforting to experience that you don’t have to be an expert to succeed. Pastor Jim got a buck his very first time deer hunting. He wasn’t in his prearranged location, he hadn’t shot the gun before, and his only bait was a Twinkie wrapper that he had dropped. He didn’t realize until later how amazing of an experience that was.

It is not so comforting to realize that it is difficult to succeed in life. We will go through difficult times. These times don’t have to be because of wrong choices or even personal failure. It is just that life can get pretty interesting some days. It is those days that we might not like what we are or even who we are. Those times are SMH days – shake my head days - days we wonder what has happened.

In John 16, Jesus is talking to His disciples. He says, “A little while, and ye shall not see me; and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father” (verse 16). Jesus loves His disciples and He is trying to prepare them. The timing is right before He is sold and crucified. It is right before their whole world would be turned around. They had to be wondering, “What is this not see you, see you stuff.” They were understandably confused.

Theologians have also wondered the meaning of Jesus’ words. Was He referring to His death and resurrection or was he referring to His second coming? Either way, the disciples were going to face the worst day of their lives.

It may seem obvious that the death of Jesus was the worst day of their lives, but it was even more unnatural for them. They were all Jewish boys. They were looking for the Messiah who would bring in a new kingdom. They were sure that Jesus would be ushered in as the new king. The Jews would be released from the bondage of the Romans. They would have a King and a kingdom. And then, all their dreams were crushed in one day. These are the little while times.

Jesus said that in a “little while” they would not see Him. That little while didn’t feel so little to them. They realized that they had betrayed Him, disappointed Him, deserted Him and even denied Him. They watched their dreams die on the cross. 

Everyone will face “little while times.” The reality is that you are either just coming out of a little while time, in the midst of one, or about to enter one. Worse yet, it may be a combination where you are just coming out of one bad period to enter another. It is those times we ask sincere questions: How did I get here? I loved her. Why did she leave? How am I going to make my house payment? What should I do now that I have received a phone call that my child has been arrested? It is a lonely time, a lonely night, when you are discouraged and just can’t sleep.

It is helpful to realize that all our heroes had little while times. They all experienced times with which they wished they wouldn’t have to deal. This book is a reminder that the little while time of Jesus’ death became known as Good Friday. It was a good event for us as the Savior died for our sins. Easter Sunday seemed ions away, but it completed the scenario, bringing hope of eternal life. Your life might be stuck on a little while time of a Friday, but, with the right response and attitude, Sunday is coming. Let’s look at some heroes of Scripture and see how they responded to little while times. It will give us a map to victory.

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